Monday the 8th of Feb.

We are still in the Yoho Blow mode in Field valley….and frizzing cold! Had some reports from local skiers that the upper part of the Connector was totally fine and also the Kicking Horse trail is holding up well. Tally Ho should be AOK also. Only this section from town till you get into the trees is wiped out….cannot do anything till we get more snow. Emerald got some wind on Friday and is likely just fine and sunny right now!

Feb 5th–Friday

Forgot to post that Yoho Valley Road got groomed and track set on Friday…then the Yoho Blow came in with the frigid temps! And she is still blowing today!!! We will keep you posted cause our Challenge starts on Wed. the 10th. Keep warm…..

Feb. 4

Emerald got groomed and tracked today. There was tons of snow in that valley. The Connector and Tally-Ho are done also. Enjoy!

Feb 3

Joe did the Kicking Horse today from Field.  It turned out totally awesome!  And we saw a lynx sitting on the trail—got to watch him a bit before he headed off….nice crust and a tad of powder made for good tracks.    Joe hopes to do Emerald tomorrow….and having a few more issues with the sled today so we’ll see.   We ordered the $1000.00 part to fix it!   (we hope!) Stay tuned.

2021 Virtual Yoho Challenge is on!!!

Dear KHSC members,

Just like many other events and fundraisers, the Kicking Horse Ski Club  will be hosting a virtual event this year. In order to mitigate the pandemic, there will be no specific day for our Yoho Challenge for 2021. Participate at your convenience between February 10-24th.

All details in the poster below.

Let me know if you have any questions. Please email to register.

Regards, Jessica –

Track set trails again!!!

All trails leaving Field Info are in perfect shape now!! Get out there! Joe hopes to do Tak. Falls road in the next few days. He only did 78 kms today on the sled!

We skied a section of the Banff LL Loppet on Thursday–from Baker Creek to Castle Mt.–What a great trail!!! Wonderful that it’s on as Virtual….spreading the fun around. Thank you Loppet organizers!!! MT