About the Ski Club

A Little History

Denise and Mike on the alluvial fan loop at Emerald LakeWe started the Club back in November 1987 with the initiative of Mike Furfaro, Gerry Cook, Denise & Marilyn Toulouse. Emerald Lake was the first area in Yoho to be track set & Emerald Lake Lodge and Parks Canada were our original sponsors, to be joined by The Friends Of Yoho and The Columbia Basin Trust.

We opened our little store “Emerald Sports”, with cross-country ski and snowshoe rentals at the same time.

Over the years the Club raised funds through memberships, annual dinners, silent auctions, donations from businesses, individuals and 5 donation boxes on our cross-country trails. These funds would mostly pay someone to groom trails and buy necessary equipment.

Marilyn and Bruce at Lake Louise

We are proud to say we have raised the level of cross-country skiing in Yoho. We took care of 30 kilometres of trails and with Parks Canada, we helped build the Connector ski trail in the early 90’s linking the town of Field to Emerald Lake. In the spring of 2010 we decided to let Parks Canada take over the track setting as they do in all the other mountain parks but since then, due to the National Budget, they have quit track setting in Yoho altogether. The KHSC is back in track—setting trails with the help of our generous sponsors, Trail of $kees, donation boxes, and skier support! Thank you.

Please drop us an email — we would love to hear from you.

Skee Ya Later eh?? 

Denise/Mike & Marilyn/Bruce

Getting Here

Field, BC is 20 minutes West of Lake Louise, Alberta and 45 minutes East of Golden, BC in YOHO National Park. The quaint little town of Field offers many opportunities for Accommodation – Check out www.field.ca

Recent Posts

Monday Monday….

Good—no— GREAT News !!!  Just talked to Joe and with these cold nights & snow we had—he wants to track set the Kicking Horse one more time—Monday morning around 9 am !!!! Then he will put away the equipment for good. We were on the KH yesterday and it was wonderful though wonky on the ankles and it was like skiing on lovely whipped cream!!!! And TRACK SET—should be super sweet. He is doing this for all the local skiers to have one good last ski !!!! Sun should come out…also. Help spread the word to all your skier friends……and we’ll SKEE YOU LATER EH! Even found some pussy willows! MT BB

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