Volunteer Member: Paulina O’Brien

Bio: I came from the far south of South-America, Chile, almost seven years ago as a sabbatical year, only a stop in my busy city life. I was not expecting to fall in love so much of this place to finally settle in Field. I fall in love with the amazing people, with the breathtaking mountain -as awe as my Chilean Andes- and with the Mountain Life. I discover the joy of cross country ski only a few winters ago, and I’m still learning. You can find me often in Yoho Valley Road with my furry best friend.


Volunteer Member: Lorraine Zirke

Bio: I moved to the Rockies in the fall of 1983 from Vancouver Island. My first winter in Banff introduced me to backcountry skiing and cross country skiing. Living on the Island I only knew winters that consisted of lots of rain and grey days. So I was very thankful to be experiencing blue skies and snow that was so accessible. I had learnt to downhill ski at Forbidden Plateau but that was a two hour drive from Nanaimo. So skiing was only a handful of days. So by living in Banff skiing several times per week was a treat. I remember the first time I froze the tip of my nose was skiing on the Moraine Lake road. I’ll never forget that experience! Moving to Yoho in 1988 was one of the best decisions I ever made. The scenery is always amazing and I never get tired of being outdoors. I love my backyard and really appreciate all the efforts of our ski club. In Field we are a community that gets things done through the help of our local residents.