Membership & Perks

$50.00 Annual Memberships

You can pay for your membership at:

  1. The Boathouse Trading Co. when visiting Emerald Lake
  2. Or you can write a cheque for $50.00 that must be made out to: Field Recreation Advisory Association (FRAA)
    … Mail it to KHSC Box 161, Field, BC V0A 1G0
  3. If you prefer—you could e-transfer it to me at

After we receive payment — you will eventually see your name on the list of the current year’s memberships (scroll down the page to see) and that is your entry to midweek discounts at the lodge and to events the Club puts on over the ski season.

Sample Cheque


Trail of $kees Legacy Fund

Our community, through the Kicking Horse Ski Club, is recognizing all donations above $100.00 with vintage nordic skees, that commemorate our supporters, placed throughout the town of Field, BC and Yoho National Park. Please join us and celebrate Yoho National Park as a winter destination. Visit the Trail of $kees Legacy Fund page!

Promotions with Your KHSC Membership

Special XC Skier Rate at Emerald Lake Lodge$119 (Visit link for full details)

Denise & Mount Burgess

Members 2019/2020

Member #NameCity

Members 2018/2019

Member #NameCity2020 Payment
85Dan MacleanCalgary, AB
84Lynne PatenaudeOttawa, Ont.
83Scott JevonsCanmore, AB
82Doug BelcherWinnipeg, Manitoba--Paid 2020
81Kathleen CameronCalgary, AB --Paid 2020
80Rachel Ubell-FernadezField, BC--paid 2020
79Lauri UbellField, BC--paid 2020
78Margo FraserCalgary, AB
77Mike FitzpatrickCanmore + $10.00 donation
76Poulter, GrahamKent, UK
75Poulter, DianeKent, UK
74Jodi JensenCranbrook, BC
73Gregory TarbouskiCalgary, AB
72Anniack BalsanField, BC
71Elliot RossiterNew Westminster
70Jennifer JuddGolden, BC--Paid 2020
69Dawn, MikishiCalgary, AB--paid 2020
68Ratcliffe, RoseCalgary
67Cameron PlewesField, BC--Paid 2020
66Ryan CameronField, BC
65Kathryn CameronCalgary, AB
64Mark HallCalgary--Paid 2020
63Keefer, JoniField, BC
62Keefer, BrianField, BC
61Jeff van SteenbergenCalgary, AB
60Bernard KohrsCalgary--paid 2020
59Dawn KohrsCalgary--Paid 2020
58Pat DoyleCalgary--paid 2020
57Jen CoffmanField
56Greg ZieglerCalgary
55Karen SchmidtField, BC
54Heather Mac NeilField, BCPaid 2020 + $20.00
53Susan CalderField, BCPaid 2020
52David CairnsField, BC
51Robert TaerumCalgary AB--Paid 2020
50Kathleen TaerumCalgary AB--Paid 2020
49Ryan JohannesenGolden, BC
48Pauline BoisierField, BC
47Doug MostertField, BC
46Peggy JubienCalgary, AB
45Kurt DevlinField, BC
44Dave SelkirkField, BC--paid for 2020
43Brenda SelkirkField BC--paid for 2020
42Helen YuenCalgary, AB --Paid for 2020
41Kai PoscenteCalgary, + $20.00 donation--Paid for 2020
40Jose ReinekingField, BC
39Jane PapenhuyzenCalgary, AB--paid for 2020
38Wendy EdgeField, BC
37Pierre LemireField, BC
36Bob ToothillGolden, BC
35Loraine ZirkeField, BCPaid for 2020
34Peter GlossopCochrane, AB
33Diane PiggottCalgary, ABPaid for 2020
32Sonya JakubecCalgary + $20.00 donationPaid for 2020
31Vicki EllisCanmorePaid for 2020
30Laura EvansChicagoPaid for 2020
29Carla EvansChicagoPaid for 2020
28Ginette TherrienField, BC
27Edwin KnoxPincher Creek, AB
26Alice WagenaarPincher Creek, AB
25Julia MilesField, BC
24Greg DowmanFiled, BC + $10.00 donation
23Helen ReadCanmore, AB--paid for 2020
22Bob AndersonBanff, AB--paid for 2020
21Ray Yong--paid 2020Calgary, AB
20John Gaffney--paid 2020Field, BC
19Karla Gaffney-paid 2020Field, BC
18Godfrey NowlanCalgary, AB
17Peter RowlandsCalgary, AB
16Helen BarryField, BC + $20.00 donation--paid for 2020
15Lucie V.Calgary, AB--paid for 2020
14Clare OrmerodBragg Creek, AB--paid for 2020
13Patricia HideCalgary, AB
12Fred KeeterCalgary, AB--paid for 2020
11R D MacleanCalgary, AB
10Sharon GlossopCochrane, AB
9Sarah OsadetzGolden, BC
8Lily BethelGolden, BC
7--HONORBruce BembridgeField, BC
6--HONORMarilyn ToulouseField, BC
5--HONORMike FurfaroField, BC
4--HONORDenise ToulouseField, BC
3--HONORSally LuttmerCalgary, AB
2--HONORCheryl TrumanCanmore, AB
1--HONORBob Truman-skier BOBCanmore, AB

Members 2017/2018

Member #NameCity
88Doyle, Louis PatrickCalgary
87Johannesen, RyanGolden, BC
86Dade, CarloCalgary
85MacLeod-Clancy, SusanCalgary
84Cameron, KathleenCalgary
83Cameron, KathrynField, BC
82Cameron, RyanField, BC
81Sogi, JamesHawaii
80Papenhuyzen, JaneCalgary
79Nexipi Stoyanoff, SpencerToronto, Ont
78Nexipi, GjylenaToronto, Ont
77Creston, JimToronto, Ont
76Young, MaryCanmore
75Hawkins, MariaCanmore
74Harvey, LaurieCanmore
73McKenna, PaulCargary
72Allen, ChrisField, BC
71Tindal, MilesCanmore, AB
70Dolinsky, JeffGolden
69Dolinsky, JoanGolden
68Bohn, MarkCalgary
67Keefer, JoniField, BC
66Reinekin, JoseField, BC
65Yeun, HelenCalgary
64Pocente, KaiCalgary
63Poulter, GrahamUK/Canmore
62Poulter, DianeUK/Canmore
61Hubrecht, JenniferInvermere, BC
60Read, HelenCanmore, AB
59Toothill, BobGolden BC
58Edge, WendyField/Canmore
57Lemire, PierreField, BC
56Luttmer, SallyCalgary
55Ubell-Fernandez, RachelField, BC
54Ubell, LauriField, BC
53Hozjan, IggyOkotoks, AB
52MacNeill, HeatherField, BC
51Dreger, BillCanmore, AB
50Cais, SophieField, BC
49Leavitt, EricCalgary
48Jubien, PeggyCalgary
47Cairns, DavidField BC
46Selkirk, DavidField, BC
45Selkirk, BrendaField, BC
44Jevons, ScottCanmore, AB
43Calder, SusanField, BC
42Anderson, BruceBanff. AB
41Jackson, MichelleEdmonton
40Mousolf, MichelleField, BC
39Dowman, GregField, BC
38Woelber, JonathanEdmonton
37Iffrig, AndreaCalgary
36Woelber, SusanEdmonton
35Brandt, BonnieField, BC
34Campbell, ValCalgary
33Kohrs, DawnCalgary
32Kohrs, BernardCalgary
31Allen, DavidField, BC
30Allen, VivianCalgary/Field, BC
29Purtill, ColleenCalgary
28Leenders, SonyaField, BC
27Mostert, DougField, BC
26Boisier, PaulineField, BC
25Ziegler, GregCalgary
24Burley, BriannaGolden, BC
23Keefer, BryanField, BC
22Barry, Helen Field, BC
21Brown, RickField, BC
20Fields, MaggieField, BC
19Yong, RayCalgary
18Johnson, DebCochrane, AB
17Moffat, HeatherField, BC
16Jakubec, SonyaCalgary/Field
15vanRassle, JasonEdmonton, AB
14Maclean, RobertCalgary
13Ketter, FredCalgary
12Hoover, JosephCalgary
11Hall, MarkCalgary
10Rowlands, PeterCalgary
9Hicks, MathewCalgary
8Piggott, DianeCalgary
7Evans, LauraChicago/Field
6Evans, CarlaChicago/Field
5Glossop, PeterCochrane, AB
4Baldauf, RubertCalgary
3Gaffney, JohnField, BC
2Gaffney, KarlaField, BC
1Valch, LCalgary

Members 2016/2017

Member #NameCity
110Glossop, PeterCochrane, AB
109Barry, HelenField, BC
108Doyle, Louis PatrickCalgary, AB
107Murphy, EileenMontreal, QC
106Knox, AlicePincher Creek, AB
105Knox, EdwinPincher Creek, AB
104Ciancio, RoccoCalgary, AB
103Purtill, ColleenCalgary, AB
102Walls, MatthewCalgary, AB
101Sorokina, NataliaCalgary,AB
100d'Entremont, MichaelCanmore, AB
99Devlin, WillGolden BC
98Child-Devlin, SusanGolden, BC
97Yuen, HelenCalgary, AB
96Poscente, KaiCalgary, AB
95Calder, SusanField, BC
94Yong, RayCalgary, AB
93Evans, LauraChicago/Field
92Evans, CarlaChicago/Field
91Tarkowski, GregoryCalgary, AB
90Sogi, Jun JamesHawaii, USA
89Toothill, BobGolden, BC
88Binhammer, KatherineCanmore
87Hague, JamesLake Louise, AB
86Dolinsky, JeffGolden, BC
85Dolinsky, JoanGolden, BC
84Sullivan, Sierrafield, BC
83Dudley, JonCalgary
82Luttmer, SallyCalgary
81Gelinas, MichelCalgary
80Rowland, PeterCalgary, AB
79Nowlan, GodfreyCalgary, AB
78Keefer, LeoCalgary/Field
77Keefer, JoanieField, BC
76Allen, DavidField, BC
75Allen, VivianCalgary, AB
74McCann, DanielCalgary, AB
73Hird, CameronCochrane, AB
72Hilderman, LarryCalgary
71Lineen, PeterCalgary
70Bush, MarleneCanmore
69Bush, AlCanmore
68Pustelnik, MarzenaCanmore
67Poulter, GrahamOrpington, UK
66Poulter, DianeOrpington, UK
65Loken, KristinaCalgary
64Siegler, GregCalgary
63Bradebm BobbiCalgary
62Ranch, DavidCanmore
61Badgery, RichardCalgary
60Leenders, SonyaField/Edmonton
59Therrien, GinetteField, BC
58Fisher, PeterCalgary
57Fair, DaleCalgary, AB
56Kohrs, BernardCalgary, AB
55Leger, ClaudeExshaw, AB
54Labonte, DanielleExshaw, AB
53Cairns, DavidField, BC
52Skavberg, EricCalgary, AB
51Mcnary, NormaCalgary, AB
50Malach, RobCalgary, AB
49Schaffland, UteCalgary, AB
48Sattler, ReinerCochrane, AB
47Waite, DougCalgary AB
46Marchioni, DavidCalgary, AB
45Edge, WendyField/Canmore
44Lemire, PierreField, BC
43Leblanc, CedricCanmore, AB
42Lang, RichardField, BC
41Lang, MichaeleField, BC
40Selkirk, BrendaFiled, BC
39Jakubec, SonyaCalgary
38Devlin, KurtField, BC
37Petrovics, JordanGolden, BC
36Petrovics, JenniferGolden, BC
35Dade, CarloCalgary
34Julien, PeggyCalgary
33Mostert, DougField, BC
32Boisier, PaulineField, BC
31Baller-Lafrance, VickiField, BC
30Cameron, RyanField, BC
29Cameron, KathrynField, BC
28vanRassel, JasonCalgary/Edmonton
27MacNeil, HeatherField, BC
26Bernier, ChristineGolden, BC
25MacLean, RDCalgary
24Reichwein, PearlAnnEdmonton
23Kohrs, DawnCalgary
22Cais, SophieField, BC
21Anderson, BruceBanff, AB
20Owchar, RhondaBanff, AB
19Owchar, JoeBanff, AB
18deBruyn, NathanCalgary,AB
17Smythe, MichaelBanff
16Smythe, BrianBanff
15Lemieux, ElaineField, BC
14Ceci, ChristineCalgary, AB
13Ubell, LaurieField, BC
12Fernandes-Ubell, RachelField, BC
11Piggott, DianaCalgary, AB
10Schlichting, JohnField, BC
9Ormerod, ClaireCalgary, AB
8Cullingham, OwenCalgary, AB
7Read, HelenCanmore, AB
6Gaffney, JohnField, BC
5Gaffney, KarlaField, BC
4Wahlstrom, ErikaFort Saskatchewan, AB
3Biegel, ChrisFort Saskatchewan, AB
2Hall, MarkCalgary, AB
1Vlach, L.Calgary, AB

Members 2015/2016

Member #NameCity
96Cameron, Kathy,Calgary, AB
95Belcher, DougWinnipeg, MB
94Coyle, ElizabethCalgary, AB
93Buhl, JimField, BC
92Doyle, Louis, PatrickCalgary, AB
91Plewes, CameronCalgary, AB
90Krolikowski, JacekCalgary, AB
89Campbell, ValCalgary AB
88Anderson, BruceBanff, AB
87Fraser, MargoCalgary, AB
86Lareau, RejeanField, BC
85Huen, HelenCalgary, AB
84Poscente, KaiCalgary, AB
83Allen, DavidField, BC
82Fields, MaggieField, BC
81Hay, JaniceCalgary, AB
80Williams, BrittanyCalgary, AB
79Allen, VivianField, BC
78Luttmer, SallyCalgary, AB
77Jensen, JadeHigh River, AB
76Becket, SandraGolden, BC
75van Steenbergen, JeffCalgary, AB
74Devlin, SusanGolden, BC
73Keefer, JoanieField, BC
72Fernandez-Ubell, RachelField, BC
71Ubell, LauriField, BC
70Cameron, KathrynField, B
69Cameron, TyraField, BC
68Jubien, PeggyCalgary, AB
67Mostert, DougField, BC
66Cais, SophieField, BC
65Noisier, PaulineField, BC
64Poulter, GrahamOrpington, UK
63Poulter, DianeOrpington, UK
62Lemieux, ElaineField, BC
61Toothill, BobGolden, BC
60Tweed, KevinCanmore, AB
59Ziegler, GregCalgary, AB
57Tweed,KirstieCanmore, AB
56Sattler, ReinerCochrane, AB
55Labonte, DanielleField, BC
54Leger, ClaudeField, BC
53Papenhuyzen, JaneCalgary, AB
52Biegel, ErikaFort Saskatchewan, AB
51Biegel, ChrisFort Saskatchewan, AB
50Edge, WendyField/Canmore
49Lemire, PierreField, BC
48Read, HelenCanmore, AB
47Johannesen, RyanGolden, BC
46Johnson, RichardCalgary, AB
45Johnson, AdeCalgary, AB
44Devlin, KirtField, BC
43Hoff, RickCalgary, AB
42Morrison, CatherineCalgary, AB
41Petrovics, JordanGolden, BC
40Petrovics, JenniferGolden, BC
39Blanchette, LucField, BC
38Schmidt, GerryManitoba
37Morrison, HalHornby Island, BC
36Morrison, JaniceHornby Island, BC
35Morrison, JohnField, BC
34MacNeil, HeatherField, BC
33Smythe, BrianBanff, AB
32Smythe, MichaelBanff, AB
31Baller-Lafrance, VickiField, BC
30Therrien, GinetteField, BC
29Barry, HelenField, BC
28Taerum, RobertCalgary, AB
27Taerum, KathleenCalgary, AB
26Bernier, ChristineGolden, BC
25Cairns, DavidField, BC
24Jacubec, SonyaCalgary, AB
23Gaffney, JohnField, BC
22Gaffney, KarlaField, BC
21Champagne, JulieField, BC
20Morrison, MattField, BC
19Kohrs, BernardCalgary, AB
18Kohrs, DawnCalgary, AB
17Iffrig, AndreeCalgary, AB
16Marchioni, DavidCalgary, AB
15Ormerod, ClareCalgary, AB
14Schulte, AndreasCalgary, AB
13Ratliffe, William
Calgary, AB
12Ratliff, RosemarieCalgary, AB
11Khan, AnisaCalgary, AB
10Tarkowski, GregoryCalgary, AB
9Maclean, R.D.Calgary, AB
8Pearson, KimCalgary, AB
7Snauwaert, GwenCalgary, AB
6Story, LeaCalgary, AB
5van Rassel, JasonCalgary, AB
4Hall, MarkCalgary, AB
3Ireland, LorillGolden, BC
2Brunt, MurrayCanmore, AB
1Vlach, L.Calgary, AB

Honorary Members

Bob/Cheryl TrumanOur LIFETIME HONORARY MEMBERS for their fantastic efforts in promoting us on
Mike Furfaro/Denise ToulouseThe original founder, entrepreneur, groomer, and track-setter. 1988
Organizer, finances, trail maintenance and dinners.
Marilyn Toulouse/Bruce BembridgeFounder,organizer,promotions, trail maintenance, annual dinners. 1988
Supporter, trail maintenance, Trail of Skees Legacy Fund.
Sally Luttmer, Norseman Ski Club, CalgarySally is incredible support for the KHSC. At 77 years old--she make 1 or 2 trips to Yoho each winter--always in her retro pink ski suit with fur hoodie, canvas gaiters and huge smile! We love her.