97 trees !!!!

No small task for our 2 strapping boys–that is the # of trees they cut off the Connector yesterday–in 9 hours!!! And today–it is snowing to beat the band. This is where your $$$$ goes! Thank you Mike & Dave!!!

Greetings from Yoho

    Corvid 19 will not stop us from x-c skiing!  All that fresh air & exercise is just what we all need.   We’re excited!

And— it’s time to start up the fundraising for 2020/2021.

  Memberships remain at $50.00 for the season.  We are also inviting our Sponsors to take part.  You can send a personal cheque or e-transfer. The info is on the “Memberships” page of KHSC.ca

    We will still have donation boxes at the trailheads—suggested donation of $5.00 per person per use—if you are not getting an annual membership.  ALL the $$$ raised goes towards clearing and setting trails and for equipment maintenance.  

       Amiskiwi Bridge on the Kicking Horse Fire Road “DID” get repaired by Lake Louise Trail Crew in mid July. They made a passage big enough for mountain bikes, hikers and also for our sled and skiers!  Not only that—they cleared the whole Kicking Horse Fire road of so many fallen trees!  Way to go Trail Crew!!!   The Connector however is still loaded with wind fall !!! We have 2 young men already hired to clear it.

Things are shaping up….get ready for it. Skee ya later eh?

Here’s the bridge repair on the Amiskiwi River–down from the Natural Bridge.

Amiskiwi Bridge washout!!

The high water damaged the off ramp towards the South. There is a 5′ deep drop that washed away the earth/gravel & it’s just as wide!!! Luckily Parks Canada got the heavy equipment down there to pull out the tree jam and let the water flow free. Thank you Parks Canada! The bridge is closed off with flagging tape & barricade. Respect it– hopefully it will get a repair to make it passable for mountain bikers/hikers and our Winter X-C skiers & sled.

With sincere condolences…

  Long time resident of Field—Gord Allen, passed away a few days ago in Calgary. They—his wife Vivian and their son David(Parks Canada and Field Fire Dept.) have been a wonderful asset to the community and great supporters of the Field Kicking Horse Ski Club since it’s start–in 1988.

    Gord’s brother Ron(Skiing Louise), his wife Helene(ex post mistress) and son Chris(Parks Canada and our very own KHSC webmaster) also live here in Field. They are family to us also.

     Denise, Mike and I have personally known both these families since the early ’80’s.  Their kid’s grew up together.

The village of Field is very saddened.   We send heartfelt sympathy and “Field Love” to Gord’s family at this difficult time to help you all through this. Know we hold you in our hearts. Rest in Peace Gord.

Marilyn & Bruce, Denise & Mike, the town of Field & KHSC.ca

End of season for x-c Yoho

We’ve had a great snow season and we hope you have had lot’s of time to enjoy it!    The parking lots & trail heads in Yoho are shutting down —as well as many others in all the mountain parks — and so will the Kicking Horse Ski Club.

 Keep diligent about self isolating in your home.  We hopefully can all make up for this next winter.   Thank you so much for your continued support and volunteer efforts. Special thanks to Joe Nexipi–the backbone of our wonderful x-c trails in Yoho.

Stay healthy and safe at home.  Marilyn/Bruce    KHSC.CA

Beautiful sunshine!

That’s all we can say–no recent fresh snow to talk about in the forecast and cannot set trails without it. The wind and cold set things up super hard and filled in many trails in Yoho. Guess it’s time to enjoy the deck!