Olympians in Yoho !!!

A GLORIOUS day on the Kicking Horse Trail today–sunny, warm, glideeeee & we met up with Canada’s Olympians and their friends. Sarah Renner & Becky Scott graced our trails. What a pleasure to see them !! Way to go Joe!


Trail refreshed today by Joe ! Ski from the INFO Centre –over the Tally Ho(with the creek hazard now covered)–to the Natural Bridge and ALL the way down the Kicking Horse Fire Road to Otterhead river crossing. 10 kms. one way! Skee you later….

We are now at 31 paying members! Thanks to all who paid their dues.

Field to Tocher Ridge –done!

Joe punched through the Tally Ho from Field–sled only–cut a bunch of trees, picked up the track setter at Nat. Bridge and set NEW tracks down the Kicking Horse to Tocher Ridge turn off. He then used the sled only to go cut more trees and be able to do a turn around at the end of the Ottertail bench. Next he took the track setter all the way back to the Info bureau in Field.

One hazard — as you drop down towards the Natural Bridge–off the high point on the Tally-Ho –a small open creek due to the mild temps!!! Beware…it is after the huge long downhill switchback and before you get to the junction of the Re-Connector. It was there last year as well….we need to put a piece of 4-6″ pipe down and fill it in. Anyone got some?? about 4′ long????

Great skiing today on the KH. Sun, mild, beautiful.

YOHO skiers!!

Natural Bridge to Tocher Ridge turnoff(6 kms) is now  cleared of fallen trees & TRACK SET !!!

We will not refresh Tak. Falls Road until the weather cools off again–the double classic tracks are still pretty good.  Skee ya later!  

Tak Falls Road !!!

    Joe just finished the Tak Falls Road—to the usual safe 7 km. point—double track set !!!!  
Careful at the bottom till you get passed Cathedral Mt Lodge—it was a bit icy and thin snow!!!!    
But GREAT on the top section!    Have a wonderful snowy weekend!   MT BB

1A Yoho side.

Thanks to the Lake Louise track setters–we have quite a good double classic track with skating in between from the Lake O’Hara side to the Great Divide and beyond. Good snow pack & cold temperatures. This is the start of it for Yoho…the valley snow here is still pretty thin but the snow will come. Joe has the equipment in place and ready to go–bring it on !

Have a look through the khsc website again–changes on the “Membership” page….new e transfer email….. New info on discounts at the lodge….a donation box at the Field Post Office Bulletin Board…..new map posted on the “Maps” page…..19 paying members so far….$5000.00 sponsorship from Emerald Lake Lodge! It’s all a good start to lot’s of skiing in Yoho soon.

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Here’s what we say………..Skee ya later eh? Marilyn & Bruce