Kicking Horse Trail on Saturday 25th!!

Joe and Flint track-set Kicking Horse Trail yesterday, and is in great shape to enjoy.

Saturday was a beautiful day in Yoho, and locals and visitors take advantage of our amazing trails all day.

It is warm outside for a typical January, be wise in your wax choice.

Happy trails, Paulina

Yoho valley Road

Joe’s on it today(Thursday)–grooming and laying a track. Take advantage of it!

Him and Flint worked on the Connector on Wednesday and did punch through end to end –with the sled only — it was a tough go….many trees and lots of work. It is still NOT ready, not great and NOT tracked! Passable but beware!!!! Snowshoeing it before it gets tracked would help some more.

Flint helped track the Tak. Falls Road yesterday!

Volunteer Member: Lorraine Zirke

Bio: I moved to the Rockies in the fall of 1983 from Vancouver Island. My first winter in Banff introduced me to backcountry skiing and cross country skiing. Living on the Island I only knew winters that consisted of lots of rain and grey days. So I was very thankful to be experiencing blue skies and snow that was so accessible. I had learnt to downhill ski at Forbidden Plateau but that was a two hour drive from Nanaimo. So skiing was only a handful of days. So by living in Banff skiing several times per week was a treat. I remember the first time I froze the tip of my nose was skiing on the Moraine Lake road. I’ll never forget that experience! Moving to Yoho in 1988 was one of the best decisions I ever made. The scenery is always amazing and I never get tired of being outdoors. I love my backyard and really appreciate all the efforts of our ski club. In Field we are a community that gets things done through the help of our local residents.


    Sending warm hugs to……

Heather, Lorraine, little Michaela, Paulina & Darren, Esther, Jessica Stewart, Johannes & Bruce. Great job packing the Connector’s tough spots…. and thanks to Bruce for his fleet of huge authentic s/s… ….they float like crazy !!!  

Joe will get going on it again & try to punch through end to end– after he does the regular grooming all around Yoho. He did from Field to Otterhead today–my first ski of the season after my partial Achilles tear! Loved it! The Arctic Front and Yoho Blow set everybody back a bit. Skee ya later……Marilyn

Club member event!

Hello everyone,

I will be hosting a one hour Classic ski lesson on Friday Jan. 17th at 13:30pm. We will meet at the Great divide trail head on the Lake O’Hara side. All level welcome, I hope to see you there!

Ski you later, Jessica.