End of season for x-c Yoho

We’ve had a great snow season and we hope you have had lot’s of time to enjoy it!    The parking lots & trail heads in Yoho are shutting down —as well as many others in all the mountain parks — and so will the Kicking Horse Ski Club.

 Keep diligent about self isolating in your home.  We hopefully can all make up for this next winter.   Thank you so much for your continued support and volunteer efforts. Special thanks to Joe Nexipi–the backbone of our wonderful x-c trails in Yoho.

Stay healthy and safe at home.  Marilyn/Bruce    KHSC.CA

Beautiful sunshine!

That’s all we can say–no recent fresh snow to talk about in the forecast and cannot set trails without it. The wind and cold set things up super hard and filled in many trails in Yoho. Guess it’s time to enjoy the deck!

The Boathouse @ Emerald Lake is closing for a bit !

     Due to Health Safety precautions— the management decided to close the business(store & rentals) temporarily—at least until April 1 for now. Denise, Nick, Noa & Michael are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.   

We are still in the middle of this cold front with huge winds in Yoho. The trails are taking a beating but Joe plans to get back out there soon as the weather changes. We plan to keep up the trails even though the store is closed.  Get your fresh air and skiing in. Marilyn

Volunteer Member: Paulina O’Brien

Bio: I came from the far south of South-America, Chile, almost seven years ago as a sabbatical year, only a stop in my busy city life. I was not expecting to fall in love so much of this place to finally settle in Field. I fall in love with the amazing people, with the breathtaking mountain -as awe as my Chilean Andes- and with the Mountain Life. I discover the joy of cross country ski only a few winters ago, and I’m still learning. You can find me often in Yoho Valley Road with my furry best friend.