Our sled is down!

Darn! The skidoo emergency ward is as busy as the hospitals. Joe is waiting in line for a spot to get the electrical looked at. Meanwhile…the KHFR, Tally Ho and Connector are in best shape. Emerald is skier set but the views make up for it. YVR is skier set. It’s all we can do till the sled gets going again. Sorry sorry sorry…….


Joe made it up the Connector to Emerald Lake today!!! With the groomer! And he put a track down on the way home….. Best place to park and start is the Info Centre in Field. Use caution on the Connector and know it is an advance trail! Meanwhile –We shovelled out the fence above the Boathouse so that Joe could remove 2 rails and the good maintenance guys at the Lodge plowed all the snow to make a ramp down to the lake–for everyone to use(skier, s/s-ers, walkers) AND–that’s not all….Joe went ripping with the sled and cut in the skidoo track 3 wide to freeze up overnight–we hope! He cannot yet drag the groomer across that track–so the trails are still –not the best! But we are getting there. Have a great weekend….skee ya later eh….

Latest news–Joe had some problems with the equipment on his way back from Emerald…..skiers need to be aware that he could not get the track setter to lift for the bigger hills!!! He manually changed it on the Re-Connector –to flatten it–cause that could be deadly to have a track going downhill….so please be careful on the Connector!!!!

Too much snow = slush….

 We still cannot chance driving the sled across Emerald Lake —to avoid the avalanche area.  It is just too mild and slushy…and all the new snow we got recently is not helping the slush freeze up.   The hardest part is getting the Ginzu Groomer across the lake — because it is super heavy and can easily get totally bogged down in this slush. Not a good situation.   We have been told by Avalanche Control(early January) NOT to sled or groom the walking trail or ski trail under the danger zone and that is understandable!   It leaves us no option right now…    All we can say is– “Sorry the trails are such a mess at Emerald Lake”.  We will not take a risk like that with our sled and driver! Hate to ask for Super Cold Weather—but that is what we need!

Trail update

Yes —Joe did KHFR/TallyHo today/with many trees down—after the warm weather & tons of snow!
Tomorrow he hopes to do Emerald via the Connector with a trail on The ice???
We hope all goes well for a great weekend!