Kicking Horse Trail on Monday 17th.

After a very successful Yoho Challenge on Saturday, and thanks Joe and Flint’s hard work, the Trails in Yoho are in great shape (except for Tak. Fall Road).

On Monday, We were at Kicking Horse Rd, in a beautiful sunny time, and It was amazing. We saw only two more peoples and a big canine footprint.

Happy trails,


Trail grooming

Yoho Valley Road got tracked on Monday the 10th Feb. ******Joe is working the trail from Info to ALL around Emerald today and it is SNOWING!!!**** He’ll be doing it again before the Yoho Challenge on Saturday!!!! Ya gotta love it! Lorraine shovelled out the benches at the back of the lake and the back of the fan today also!!! Thank you Lorraine xxx

“The Connector” Trail Update, January 5th!

I was the first to ski the Connector this year. The track setting, by Joe, was GREAT, and the conditions fabulous.
I started out at the Natural Bridge and skied to Emerald and back.
The temperature was about -7, and the snow was like silk.
Thank you, everyone, for your effort in opening this trail up! It is a lot of work, but so fantastic when it’s good…
Ski you later,

Connector trail !

Joe groomed and track set from Field Info to All around Emerald yesterday. Bit of a rodeo on the Connector so beware. The ice is getting better on the lake! Kicking Horse is all good as well. He saw a wolf on the flats just past the ball diamond and it ran ahead of him on the track–crossed the highway and off in the bush! Pretty special sighting! Have a good weekend all….we are off to “Wanna be a Woodie?” at Assiniboine Lodge! Skee ya later eh?