MAY ??

I’m  a bit late with this end of season thing….it is busy being retired!

      Another good winter—beautifully mild & snowy in Dec/Jan.  

Freezing, dry & windy in Feb. 

  • We had 85 members of which 36 pre paid for next year. Our  single Membership rate goes up to $50.00 next year! 
  • All memberships added up to $3,400.00
  • Donations $1,882.00
  • All Sponsors added up to $1,470.00 (2 more to come yet….)
  • Workers wages $6,928.00
  • Expenses   $3,263.87

     Thank you for a GREAT SEASON! Marilyn, Bruce & Denise

What a week!

We’re still skiing! Lost a lot of snow and some trails are finished–unless we get more snow? Joe tried to track the Kicking Horse Trail yesterday but it’s too far gone… is the Connector and the Horse Trail at Emerald. He did set another track ON the ice–and on the Fan at Emerald–bring your tank tops! It is lovely and hot out there! Next up will be CRUST skiing–off trail but we are not there yet. Best is yet to come!

New tracks, Flat out!

Since Friday–double track ON the ice at Emerald Lake and new tracks all around the Fan, Horse Trail and Connector to Field! One switch on the sled died but is getting fixed in Golden–Joe will do the Kicking Horse Trail next. The BEST of the BEST is finally here! Enjoy!

New bridge (at 5 o’clock) on fan

Joe & Bruce built a crossing at the huge dip! It’s been a dry, windy & cold Feb. Trails in the trees are pretty messy with twigs/needles from the wind. Just gotta wait for fresh snow! Sun sure is nice!

The YOHO CHALLENGE last weekend was a GREAT success !!!

40 some skiers(with 4 children) and 3 new members to add to our list.  We have $720.00 to add to our stash!  THANK YOU to all who participated! It was blowing in Yoho to start but the valley tracks  & Connector got done early by Joe. Mike Furfaro blazed the trail at the very back of the fan cause  it was GONE—and he knew it well !

    A YOHO BLOW full of THANK YOU’s to our coach Jessica,  Susan Calder and Maggie Fields who organized and worked the stations and did tons of baking. We also want to thank Heather McNeil, Denise, Bruce and Joe!

  Sorry–This blog is a tad late due to the fact that we went out skiing at Assiniboine Lodge  on woodie this week.  What a February!  

   Joe was doing the trails again yesterday—after yet another repair to our sled(fuel pump) but the wind was blowing again last night—so ……???? And no new snow in the forecast either!!! Enjoy what is there!

Leaving the Visitor Centre in Field–Feb 17th/2019
Jessica/Susan @ Emerald Lake
Kimberley, Canmore, Field crew

Moon light ski coming up on Feb.15th and Yoho Challenge on Feb.17th!

Get ready for a weekend of Nordic skiing!

We will start with a moon light ski on Feb.15th at 8:00pm at the Natural Bridge.

Followed by our Yoho Nordic challenge social ski on Feb.17th where we will meet at the Field Visitor center at 10:00am. Details on our website and skier bob website.

Everyone is welcome so let’s hope for some warmer weather and fresh snow.

I hope to see you there, skee you later 🙂 Jessica.