– 20 & blowing!

Not the best conditions– tracks are holding up some and blown in also. Joe may try to work Emerald Trails today but not much new snow!

Challenge is still on the 17th

Moon light ski on Friday the 15th–Natural Bridge 8 pm

Fresh track

Joe just finished the Kicking Horse –though it still is snowing pretty good……he hopes to do from Field and all around — Emerald first thing– tomorrow??  He will also pack the cemetery road for the Yoho Blow Anything Goes–Down hill fun race! Enjoy the weekend!

Mark your calendar for a weekend of Nordic skiing!!!

Dear members,

We will be organizing our last moon light ski for the season on Feb.15th at 8:00 pm (location is to be determined closer to the day), everyone is welcome!

And because it was such a popular event, we will also will organize the Yoho Challenge on Feb.17th, this event is a social ski and fundraiser for the club and everyone is welcome (details to follow).

Let me know if you have any questions and until then, skee you later 🙂 Jessica

Thank you!

Thank you to our 6 members who made it to our moon light ski. Not a perfectly clear night but enough light to see and glide on the beautiful tracks at Emerald Lake and enjoy some hot beverage by the 9 o’clock bridge under the warm moon light. We will keep you posted for the next activities… Until then, please ski the tali-ho/connector/ kicking horse trails, they are magnificent!! Jessica 🙂