Joe’s new sun glasses!

Joe found these on the Alluvial Fan on Wed. March 3–last grooming day. Drop us a line if they are yours–or stop into his shop to claim them. He’s still waiting for more snow to get out there again …but in the meantime-the sun is fantastic through pink shades!

A successful Virtual Yoho Challenge !!!

On behalf of the Kicking Horse Ski Club,

We would like to congratulate and thank anyone who took part in the Virtual Yoho Challenge this year. Those trails are such fun, a real adventure!

Skiers came from Golden to Calgary to ski our Nordic trails and it was a real delight to see all the smiles, everyone on the trails having fun.

Some even dressed up for extra fun…LOL

Big thanks to everyone who emailed with post race comments, pictures and compliments.

The goal was to raise some money to pay for our grooming and machinery repairs. We also wanted to raise awareness and put Yoho on the map as a Nordic ski destination. All and all, I can proudly say that both goals were achieved, because of your help and keenness to explore new trails (or return to challenge yourself again…)

The total amount raised during the 2 weeks was approximately $2385.00 !!!

We also gained 9 new members, yahoo!

This could not happen without our SUPER JOE groomer extraordinaire; he was out there grooming as much as he could and did a great job given the conditions.

We would also like to send a HUGE thank you to the Truffle Pigs Lodge for their assistance, greeting everyone and for providing our skiers with tasty drinks/food.

I would also like to mention Marilyn Toulouse, for her unconditional love and support for this club. Thank you Marilyn, the club would not be what it is now without you.

This, means a lot to our little club and we are forever grateful!

We look forward to see you again on the trails next season and please spread the word; Yoho rocks!

Regards, the KHSC team.

Alice and Wonderland team…

Feb 3 update–oups March 3 !

Joe just got back from track setting all linked trails between Field, Emerald, Otterhead River(KHFR). Enjoy Spring conditions–careful on the hills. He will wait for Yoho Valley Road for a while yet….. Don’t miss the post just before this one–from our Coach Jessica!!

Free ski lesson on Friday March 12th :-)

Hello everyone,

Our club would like to offer a free ski lesson this year for some of our members. In order to comply with BC public health guideline during the pandemic, we can only have 3 people participate. The first 3 people to email me directly at;, will be the lucky ones. We will then decide on classic or skate and location. All skill level welcome and I look forward to be your instructor for this session.

Until then, happy trails, Jessica 🙂

Moonlight ski!

Last Friday, We had a fantastic moonlight ski night in Emerald Lake and Alluvial Fun Loop with an amazing group of locals from Field and Lake Louise.
The moon was hidden behind the clouds but was warm, and the track was fast.
Thank you Joel (of Great Divide Nature Interpretation) for the organization and the yummy goodies.
Happy trails,