Kicking Horse Trail on Monday 17th.

After a very successful Yoho Challenge on Saturday, and thanks Joe and Flint’s hard work, the Trails in Yoho are in great shape (except for Tak. Fall Road).

On Monday, We were at Kicking Horse Rd, in a beautiful sunny time, and It was amazing. We saw only two more peoples and a big canine footprint.

Happy trails,


“The Connector” Trail Update, January 5th!

I was the first to ski the Connector this year. The track setting, by Joe, was GREAT, and the conditions fabulous.
I started out at the Natural Bridge and skied to Emerald and back.
The temperature was about -7, and the snow was like silk.
Thank you, everyone, for your effort in opening this trail up! It is a lot of work, but so fantastic when it’s good…
Ski you later,

It is warm outside!

Yesterday, Monday 27th, we went to Yoho Valley Rd. with our furry friend. The temperature at the trailhead was +2, and even with our waxless skis, the snow was sticky, and we don’t have too much glide. Still, we have a fun few hours, and we had the trail all to ourselves.

Joe and Flint did a fantastic job only a few days ago track setting the road, but unfortunately, a few ski touring friends forgot that the track is to fat skis.


Kicking Horse Trail on Saturday 25th!!

Joe and Flint track-set Kicking Horse Trail yesterday, and is in great shape to enjoy.

Saturday was a beautiful day in Yoho, and locals and visitors take advantage of our amazing trails all day.

It is warm outside for a typical January, be wise in your wax choice.

Happy trails, Paulina

Friday 10th: Shoeshoeing in the Connector!

Joe is working very hard to have Emerald Connector ready soon, but it isn’t an easy job. The Connector is halfway packed, and a group of us had a fun time snowshoeing part of the trail to help Joe.

Also, Joe tracked set Tally Ho, Kicking Horse Trail and Otterhead on Friday 10th.

The last track setting in Emerald Lake was on Thursday 9th. We did the Tree Hugger, Alluvial Fan and Horse Trail on Friday, and it was in good shape.

Happy Trails, Paulina

Sunday Funday!

Sunday was a beautiful day for ski. After the crazy wind storm on Saturday that wreck a bit our trails, Joe tracked set Tally Ho from Field Visitor Centre, Kicking Horse Trail and Emerald Lake area.

Happy Trails,