Greetings skiers,

    A short update….2 bridges got put in by our track setter Joe yesterday—Emerald River and Kicking Horse Flats.  It is now colder out and maybe our snow will start accumulating.  

    Meanwhile…walking around Emerald is easy & very well packed.  The lake is freezing up—but beware…not safe!

    Joe will bring out all the track setting equipment in the next few days and hopefully take the sled out for a run—to cut a few trees down at the same time.

    The FRAA(Field Recreation Advisory Association) has taken over the sled and insurance for the trailer last month. And a few new volunteers have offered up to help with the Ski Club. Marilyn and Bruce are having some health issues lately so you won’t see us on the trails so much—but I can blog!  I’ll let you know when the first tracks are down. Just need a good dump with no melting!!!

   Wishing everyone who reads this—lot’s of great skiing this winter.

Ginette on the 1A (BC side)–photo by Helen Barry