GO International Volunteers!

   A great opportunity has come to us via Ron Allen on behalf of the Lake Louise Ski Resort and the “Go International Volunteer Program”. Ron is the overall manager of the Go Program and there are three groups of 5 volunteers coming this summer. The first group arrives in July and the last group finishes at the end of September.We can utilize these many hands of the volunteers to improve our x-c ski trail, mountain bike & hiking trails in Yoho.

The areas to focus these efforts on are –along the Kicking Horse Fire road and on the Tally Ho to the Natural Bridge from Field. Volunteers are ONLY permitted to use hand operated pruning shears or SMALL hand pruning saws. This would really improve travel year-round by simply hand cutting small saplings and brush on the main trail.  These trails are first to open in November for x-c skiing with minimal snow, but brush is always catching our skis/bindings until late December and each year it is getting worse—which is hazardous on its own.

 A longer Restricted Activity  Permit(Aug./Sept.) from Parks Canada allows the Ski Club to benefit from this wonderful opportunity.

     I would like to thank the “Go International Volunteers” with Ron Allen & Parks Canada for all their help. Everyone will be enjoying the ski trails so much more now. Marilyn & Bruce