Doing a recap….of last winter.

Ski rentals at Emerald Lake are put away but we still have snow shoes for rent to play with.

We got a total of 95 MEMBERS this winter–7 honorary & 88 paying members($3520.00)!

Thank you to everyone who supports this little Club with membership fees, putting $$ in donation boxes($1802.15) & Group sponsors($1,590.00). A huge thank you to Emerald Lake Lodge for matching the wages($5000.00) we pay our track setter and offering special discounts to encourage guest to buy memberships to stay in this magical place–at Emerald Lake, BC.  Skee ya later eh?   Marilyn & Bruce, Denise, Nick, Noa, Michael


March 17–Saturday

Joe DID do the tracks yesterday–Kicking Horse, Connector, all of  Emerald and Tally Ho.  He could not set a loop on the ice yet….too soft.  Enjoy that sun! Watch out for icy track in AM and soft tracks in  PM


Conditions are still holding up–though quite warm with some fresh snow & a bit of rain, hovering around 0 degrees to + 5        Tracks are still skiable. Trying to track set but almost too warm. Hopefully we will by this weekend.

New trail at Info???

It appears this bulldozer wiped out our ski trail from the Info to the baseball diamond!!!!  Just so you know– Joe will work a new trail on the opposite side of the lake, closer to the river. Darn eh–that was such a good new track!!!

March 6

New tracks today–all Emerald, Fan, Connector, Tally Ho, Kicking Horse.  Due to track Tak. tomorrow.  Sure is beautiful weather and lovely snow!  WOW

Feb 23

Yesterday(Feb 22)–Joe reset the tracks from Field Info and up to Emerald trails. Included a flat track on the ice to the back.  No new snow but it’s the best he can do.  Kicking Horse Trail is not bad and Yoho Valley has not been done!  Sun is sure getting nice though. Enjoy