It’s Over!!

Rental skis/boot/poles got put away today!  Pretty early but… is life.  We still have snowshoes for a while yet but hard to say if we will be open midweek???

Thank you to all who got through this winter! Enjoy Spring!!!  MT

Bridges are out!!!

Our groomer Joe and his young nephew….took advantage of the day and together pulled out the bridges on the fan and on the Connector where it spans the Emerald River–just 2 kms. down from Emerald Lake. He also hung up the benches at the back of the fan and pulled out all the signs he could find. It’s looking like the end but the snow is still there for the hardy–and we may get fresh stuff yet. Murphy’s Law hey??  I hope we do! I personally did not get enough soft snow skiing this winter!    We will remain open for snowshoe rentals until Easter weekend. Thanks to everyone with all the support for the Ski Club. Marilyn, Denise & Bruce

Great tracks are back

Skied the Kicking Horse Trail  to the end @ 4 pm and it was FANTASTIC after Joe was able to set it again–finally–after our 3 week dry /hard and cold spell!!!  It’s finally warmed and the snow is soft and though you break through off trail–it is great on our trails right now. This may be the final weekend for us so get out there and enjoy.Universal  Klister was working awesome, as the Waxless skis would too. He did the Connector and the Tally Ho also—but the flats at Field are pretty bare.  As far as Emerald—the lake is getting pretty wet! Still passable but you may want to take your chances and carefully slip under the avalanche path to get to the trails.–and we mean  careful !!! The fan & Horse Trail are still in good conditions…..Careful of the one high bridge on the fan too……..Enjoy the last of it. Spring skiing at it’s best     Marilyn

New tracks finally!!!

OK–what a weird winter hey? Now it’s + 8-9 and going isothermic off track but….Joe did get out there today and reset the Fan, Horse Trail and Treehugging trail at Emerald.  The lake is showing blue!! Got some puddles –but not all is lost. Had a great ski out there late afternoon!  Klister is good,  waxless would be also! And Joe will attempt doing the Connector tomorrow also!!!  Get out the glue–that Universal Klister is fabulous!

And check out the new header for Trail of Skees–on the site here–our webmaster put a picture to click on and you get to know where all those plaques went to?? Thanks again for donating towards the Club. Marilyn