Nice comment from a member while we are still in Ontario…

“It’s very springish here now. The snow is disappearing fast. But, not so fast that we weren’t able to have a stellar (no kidding!) full moon ski with Jessica on Saturday night. Conditions were icy on the tracks but beautiful off piste on the lake. The moon was bright. The stars gorgeous. We missed you. It was memorable.
Kathryn, Ryan and family.

Also please note that the bridge on the Alluvial Fan is melting out—use CAUTION!

Store close temporarily

With the event of no power at Emerald– the rental shop will be closed for a couple of days— sorry if this causes inconveniences. Please call ahead to see if we are now operating– if you need rentals!

The Connector is now for snowshoes!

It’s spring–and we decided to CLOSE the Connector for SKIING and open it up to snowshoes. It just gets too fast and icy for skiing. So we took the track out and Joe will use it to travel with the sled to the Valley trails. He said the Tak. Falls road is very good right now–JUST GROOMED. Monarch is dirty but passable–JUST GROOMED. The Kicking Horse is good as always–JUST GROOMED. Likely the Monarch and Tak. Road will be the first to bite the bullet. Off track skiing should happen soon–but it’s pretty warm out there too. Spring….enjoy the long days, sun and warm weather.