Tak Falls Road

Joe just put 2 tracks in on the road– for 5.5 km. one way.  About 10″ of snow and very dry but it’s a new place to ski and enjoy different scenery!

Construction at the Kicking Horse Campground continues and the road is open and all plowed to Cathedral Lodge. Probably still wise to park in the usual spot by Monarch Overflow by the open gate and ski in the bush.

Good news–we got a picnic table to replace the “missing” one on the Kicking Horse Fireroad at the beautiful viewpoint for the OtterTail Valley!!  Just gotta wait for more snow to get it down there.  Do your snow dance eh?

Natural Bridge to OtterHead River

Not too many words needed.  Great sun at 11 am at Emerald River and great tracks–to the missing picnic table at Ottertail viewpoint??  What is with that??? A lot of wooly bits along the trail but we have a good track!!  Tally-Ho is also done to the Natural Bridge–from town. A bit thin on the flats by the Info Hall.   Enjoy!!

Track in Yoho???

FYI–Joe & Bruce are off on the Kicking Horse trail today–from the Field  Info– to re-pack, cut trees and possibly Set a Track to the OtterHead.  I will give a new report when they return!  The WordPress website usually only posts messages at 11 am daily–so I am getting this one out now–cause everyone is so keen to find new places to ski!  We did not get much snow in the last week but at least now–it’s colder!  Maybe winter IS actually coming???   Expect early season conditions!      Thanks to everyone who sent in their membership dues–Pretty exciting to get 4 in the mail yesterday!

Still waiting for snow!!! But….

Skied the 1A again today–from the Ohara side.  It was absolutely fabulous–great fresh track from Friday 3 pm.  Many happy skiers!  Yoho is still a bit shy of snow but Joe did manage to (only) pack some of the Kicking Horse(at Natural Bridge) but he ran into a whole lot of trees down!!  Even ran out of gas from cutting.  Lot’s of work there still……and the boys did put in the bridge on the fan and on the flats near the info hall. NEITHER ARE READY TO SKI YET!  Sorry!  One more good dump should do it!  We’re all so very lucky to have the 1A and MLR. Edwin/Alice are our newest members–from Pincher Creek, AB.

Pretty nice snow and packed base on ski set tracks to the Great Divide in Yoho!

-3 degrees with sunny breaks–what more could a skier ask for???