Friday, March 26

Skied the Kicking Horse around noon–after we got a few inches of fresh snow overnight and Joe tried to scratch a new track in a few days ago. It was quite perfect–considering late March! Snow off track was isothermal but the track itself is well packed and good. Joe moved the track setter to the Natural Bridge so he won’t be doing the section from Field–on the Tally Ho anymore. He plans to trailer the sled if he needs it –for the Kicking Horse or Emerald. Trails at Emerald are still skiable–good ski set track on the lake, good crust off track(and it will get better with more sun). The bridge at the top of the fan is melting out and quite bumpy–good to walk across and be safe. Fan trail is fine. Horse trail is in the shade and needs new snow or is too icy & fast. Tree hugger is a bit of a spring mess. Thats the scoop. Skee ya later…….