Ski to Ottertail Viewpoint & picnic table

We met Joe at the Natural Bridge-a few days ago after he just laid down a beautiful track on the Kicking Horse. He then headed up to Field Info to do the same. The skiing is fantastic and we have a newer picnic table to boast–at the viewpoint. Thanks to the Yoho Trail Crew this past fall. It was our first ski of the season–having just returned home from Ontario. We picked a great day! The snow is awesome…come on out and enjoy it.
Joe has just started to work on the Takkakkaw Falls Road. He SkiDoo packed a track to the switchbacks but was only able to lay a track down as far as the Meeting of the Waters—due to the locked gate. He could not get the heavy track setter over it. Hopefully by the next time he works that area the gate will be open.
We have not had any track on that road for a few years now so this will be fun for everyone.
AND—the Takkakkaw Falls Road is a the ONLY —DOG FRIENDLY track set trail in YOHO.
Stay posted…for more info.