2015 After the DINNER Finance Report

2015 After the DINNER Finance Report – View the PDF


$3,728.00 for 100+ Dinners served & Auction Revenue (a few expenses to be paid out yet – food, hall rental, etc.)

$1,490.00 = Trail of $kees ($100.00+ donations)

$1,211.00 = Donation Boxes on the trails (the RED ones)

$6,429.00 = 2015 Total!

PLUS 89 members strong (to date)

A Huge Thanks to Our “Volunteer Chefs”

The Siding Café – Sam & Rick, Lorill, Carmen & Alex. You guys nailed it & Lorill’s dessert WAS the icing on the cake all right!

Ryan Cameron – “Field’s Beef Baron” of all times! WAY TO GO Ryan! So nice to have you back again!

Thanks to ALL who offered up gifts for auction and thanks to our wonderful helpers:

JP/Marla for bringing and “donating” the kids’ pizzas

Helen & Mikki for all their help at the door

Boomer – the incredible/relentless dishwasher!

MCs Gord Fulton and Allistair Fergusson (Calgary Ski Club)

Set Up – Helen, David, Ginette, Sophie, Mikki, Boomer, Sally, Kim, and Brooke

FRAA (Field Recreation Advisory Association) at the bar

And Clean Up – Mikki, Helen, Ginette, Lorry, Christine, Sally

“Pray for snow” and more skiin’… it’s only February!

Marilyn & Bruce & Denise