New membership info !!!

Eh there cross country skiers !!

   Snow is starting to accumulate on the Kicking Horse Pass and even landing in Field and at Emerald Lake.  The Lake is still open water!

Temperatures are due to plummet this week and that sure gets the skiers thinking about getting out there for the first ski!  Likely the Moraine Lake Road and the 1A at the Great Divide will be first up—to be packed by the Lake Louise Track Setters—but no trail yet! 

   Our sled is going into the shop in Golden for a tune up  this week & Joe needs to put new floor boards on the old trailer for moving the sled & equipment around.   The guys are gonna start walking the trail to cut deadfall and set up the bridges.

   It is November….and soon enough we will be striding and gliding!  

    Memberships are still at the same old price of $40.00  but…next year…memberships will go up to $50.00 for the start of the 2020 year!!! It’s due !!!

If you want to pay for this and next year together—we will keep it at $80.00 to save you $$—why not pay forward and do 2 years???

Go to for how/where to mail your cheque.  If you prefer—you could e-transfer it to me at

  Thank you for your continued support,