Trail report–Saturday

Kicking Horse got track set today and the Tally-Ho and also the Connector–with this new snow–it is much better–but please be cautious on any hill!!!! Still some soft pole plants and twig/branches to trip you!!! Enjoy!

Emerald Lake trails done

Joe set tracks there yesterday–but not on the slushy lake! He’s planning on doing Field /Tally Ho/ Kicking Horse trail today–possibly a needed pass on the Connector now that we go some good snow–if he has time??

Connector trail is “high intermediate and marginal” !!

Skied it today with Bruce–along with 12 or so others(our coach Jess and Susan too). Still quite wooly with many twigs, branches, narrow to herringbone or plow and hollow on the pole plants!!! That being said–we loved the sun and temperature and glide!
One skier at the worse section–the highest section near 3 KM from the lake said….”that’s a wild rodeo ride!!” But most of the skiers were happy to be on it regardless! Close to Emerald are a few huge fast dips over Hamilton Creek!! The RE-connector steep section is not bad at all.
It needs more snow and more sledding back and forth–so be weary and careful if you decide to attempt it. What a great weekend!!

50 members to date

Thank you to ALL our paying members!!! This really helps so far to clear the trails of many fallen trees and pack and groom our x-c trails. We are finally getting into so really good snow–next on the agenda is the Monarch trail to link up Field and the Tak Falls road(dog friendly trails). Does anyone want to help us snowshoe that section from Yoho Trading to where it crosses the highway(just past the salt shed)?? Let us know–it would sure help! Happy trails.