Greetings X-C Skiers and Skaters!

We are all thinking of skiing soon but we do need to enjoy the moment! These clear sunny days make for fun skating on local ponds and lakes. Here are Bruce & I just outside of Field townsite loving the silky ice.

The boys have had the machine tuned up, put in some bridges over creeks (by the way—Emerald Lake Lodge has built a brand new huge bridge to their property!)

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Just waiting for snow but this is so sweet! Talk to you soon, KHSC

Bruce & I just outside of Field townsite loving the silky ice.

Bruce & I just outside of Field townsite loving the silky ice.

x-c rentals @ Emerald Sports

We’ve put away the ski rentals for the season but still have snow shoe rentals available. The skiing is still great on the crust in the morning and slushy on tracks in the afternoons. Come on out with your own skis if you’re not ready to bike yet!  Thanks for all the support this past winter!  Marilyn, Bruce, Denise


We just got our 2 new members to make 100 MEMBERS TO DATE !!!!  WOW !!!   That is the best year yet for memberships!!!    Thank you all of you100 skiers for helping us out so much and keeping this good thing going.  We are thrilled!  And this is NOT an April Fools Joke!   What a way to wind down the season!  And the best is yet to come–the sun and the crust skiing. If you have not tried that yet–get on it. Mornings only for off trail!

April Fools on the trail

This is NO joke. The CONNECTOR & the  KICKING HORSE FIRE ROAD just got tracked one more time.  Likely the last time to get the machine on those 2 trails.  And the  tracks along Emerald are super sweet!  Blue wax till noon, arms or wax less skis for PM.  The SUN just makes it perfect!  Come on out– we have enough snow for the whole month of skiing.  Emerald Sports SALE–$100.00 plus tax for selected wax less skis with SNS bindings!!!!

March 30

Field got 6″ of soft snow — so likely Emerald got a foot!  Trails will be ski set today–enjoy the powder. Too warm and sticky to track set. Last grooming was Friday morning-March 28th and only in the Emerald Lake area.  Beautiful tracks and it will be fine to break trail today. The Connector was only track set to 2 kms. or to the bridge on the Emerald River. The Bridge is to skinny to drive the sled over and risk damaging it. It’s close to ending for track setting but in a couple of days we will have crust again which will be fantastic for off trail!