Fresh track

Joe just finished the Kicking Horse –though it still is snowing pretty good……he hopes to do from Field and all around — Emerald first thing– tomorrow??  He will also pack the cemetery road for the Yoho Blow Anything Goes–Down hill fun race! Enjoy the weekend!

Bonus Bonus Bonus

Finally cold enough to set a track on the ICE to the Horse Trail from the Boathouse!  Also a sled track to the back of the lake on the ICE for s/s.   The Donation Box Stand got moved to the Back of the Lake !  And Emerald Trails & Connector got refreshed! AND– Joe found the bench at the upper creek (9 o’clock position).  It was a GOOD Day !!!

Avalanche hazard

In the spirit of safety….and due to the extreme avalanche hazards throughout the Rockies–the Ski Club has been encouraged to create a trail across Emerald Lake on the ice/slush …….from the Boathouse to the Horse trail….this  year–the weather  has developed extreme slush and water on top of the ice at Emerald lake. Joe has agreed to try to pack the first few passes on the lake..  We will see how it goes????   SKI SAFE …