Update–Dec. 24/2020

The sled had a minor problem after the last grooming on the Kicking Horse. The main relay switch blew out and lucky for us–Golden had one left in stock! Joe is picking it up today and….will likely track Emerald on Christmas Day. Lovely present for all skiers. We have had no more major snow dumps so the tracks remain as so…..

The Fan is snowshoe packed only–good ski set
The Tree Hugger is ski set pretty good, soft pole plants
The Horse trail is sled packed once and ski set with one tree down
Lake is slushy in spots—some tracks—getting colder out.
Best — Kicking Horse from Field Info to Otterhead River. Connector is alway the last —it needs the most help and lot’s more snow.
  But things are coming along…..so is Christmas!    Happy holidays.