Emerald trails are ready to ski !!

Tracks set down today—Dec 26.  It’s snowing pretty good, milder & beautiful.  The Tree Hugger Trail starts at the picnic area—past the bathrooms. Ski with caution as pole plants may be soft. Careful of the downhill run at the picnic area—to the slush on the lake…….no shame in walking….same at the bottom of the Horse Trail’s big hill !!!!! Set up the bench at the back end if you’re taking a break there (please)—it’s still hanging in the tree!  Joe brought a shovel to the big benches at the end of the lake– so skiers and walkers can scrape them off and use them more.    One donation box out by the bathrooms with the big map.   Nothing on the Connector yet.     Enjoy enjoy enjoy…….skee ya later ….