1A Yoho side.

Thanks to the Lake Louise track setters–we have quite a good double classic track with skating in between from the Lake O’Hara side to the Great Divide and beyond. Good snow pack & cold temperatures. This is the start of it for Yoho…the valley snow here is still pretty thin but the snow will come. Joe has the equipment in place and ready to go–bring it on !

Have a look through the khsc website again–changes on the “Membership” page….new e transfer email….. New info on discounts at the lodge….a donation box at the Field Post Office Bulletin Board…..new map posted on the “Maps” page…..19 paying members so far….$5000.00 sponsorship from Emerald Lake Lodge! It’s all a good start to lot’s of skiing in Yoho soon.

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Here’s what we say………..Skee ya later eh? Marilyn & Bruce