Hey skiers—Happy 2016

With many a stride and glide on white fluffy stuff in beautiful tracks! I have been having trouble with getting on our website since before Christmas and have not been able to blog out to you or add the members and donators. Having our webmaster Chris– copy this blog for me.

It warmed up to -11 today—Finally! The tracks have been holding out pretty good with the frigid temps and the blue skies and sunshine were to behold beyond the lofty peaks. Really was magical—everyone loved it! We are due for a bit more snow and the groomers will be happy—and the skiers too.

Next event is the moon ski Friday Jan 22, and then a x-c tour/lesson Sunday Jan. 31. Check the calendar for our Feb. dinner too.

Enjoy the trails and thank you to our 53 members who have already paid up for this year. You rock!

– Marilyn