An Update for Winter 2013

Just a quick update to let you know that there will be track set trails in Yoho this winter; for sure at Emerald Lake and no doubt from Field as well.

Emerald Lake Lodge, Emerald Sports and the Ski Club have set up a draft volunteer agreement with Parks Canada. This agreement is for one year to allow Parks to lend us the equipment for trails up at the lake. Parks will be lending a sled and groomer to keep (as usual) by the boat shed at Emerald and the Lodge will provide the gasoline for this area. The Lodge will pay a person to track set the Emerald Area, as per the draft volunteer agreement with Parks Canada. Parks will also do free training sessions for the use of the equipment (when these sessions come available). And Parks will do the regular maintenance on the sled for free, so far so good!

Emerald Lake Lodge have a couple potential employees on site to track set occasionally and we gave them a few names of Fieldites who are also interested in doing the track setting as a winter job. Still lot’s to be worked out but this is all good news.

Therefore to break it down

  • There will be ski tracks at Emerald Lake for sure
  • The Field Ski Club has $ in with the FRAA to set tracks in the valley
  • An amendment to the existing agreement can be added at any time
  • High priority would be the Info Centre to the Otterhead (we would need to set up the insurance we had 2 years ago)
  • And need a trailer to haul the Parks machine
  • Takakkaw Falls road?

Nice to look on the bright side for a change…

Of course the usual will happen with fundraising, membership price raised etc. because we don’t want to run the existing account dry. We will need new blood, new ideas for all this to happen.

Denise and Marilyn will resign as Club Chiefs by next spring, so we’ll have a meeting this fall.

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