Sled problem today

The switch on the sled broke down and needed a trip to Golden. Joe will track set the KH Fire road tomorrow while starting from Field on the Tally Ho. He hopes to do the Tak Falls road also–if all goes well…..meanwhile–Emerald is just lovely–except for the slush on the ice! Stay off the back of the lake ice and be weary of the unknown! Always better to stay on shore!

Next KHSC moon light ski!!!

Dear members,

Mark your calendars! We will have a Yoho Blow weekend kick off with a moon light xc ski on February 02, at 8:00pm. Meeting place will be the Takakkaw Falls parking lot. There will be hot chocolate, treats and as usual, lots of fun! This event is free for our club members and is a $5 cost for non members. Please pass the word around, I look forward to having you there.

Until then, happy trails, Jessica 🙂

Major slush/water on ice at the back

Our track setter worked the trails today and had much trouble with water flooding over the ice at the back end of the lake! Please be advices that skiers should only use the short section to avoid the avalanche area — and stay on shore–and NOT ski on the ice to the back!! They will run into water and slush if they do. Thank you, Marilyn KHSC

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The Connector Trail between Emerald and Natural Bridge

“The Connector Trail between Emerald Lake and the Natural Bridge”

Yesterday—Joe and Bruce—along with the help of Michael Furfaro Jr. & David Allen—managed to push through the entire length of the Connector!


Our own logging crew working the blowdowns of last summer— the boys put in some 40 MAN-HOURS of cutting and removing of fallen trees! The worse shape we have seen the trail in since it was put in —circa early ’90’s!
We will inform you when we have enough snow to set a track and that it is safe to ski.
It remains and “intermediate to advanced trail”—especially the new steeper section close to the Natural Bridge. That said—pick your conditions and get out there and ski it with friends—do not let it intimidate you—it is a beautiful trail, close to the road most of the way.
Enjoy the mild weather.


Joe has gifted us the Tally Ho and Kicking Horse Fire Road AND it’s warming up!!!! Time to work off the turkey!!!
Saw very fresh moose & wolf tracks on KHFR on Tuesday !
Ski ski ski!!!