Yoho Ski Challenge Feb 17, 2018

A GREAT fun social ski to help raise funds for our Ski Club!
Club coach Jessica raised $640.00 ! What an asset she is to our Club!
Susan Calder & Maggie Fields were her fantastic volunteers at the food/drink stations & Rick also helped them get this all off the ground!
31 skiers— of which 90% have never x-c skied in Yoho!!!
Folks from Red Deer to Golden enjoyed the 22 – 45 kms. of their Personal Challenge.
Trails were in Great shape thanks to Joe doing his magic and also thanks to Parks Canada for lending us a sled when ours broke down just the week before the Challenge!
Feedback was very encouraging—everyone wants to do it again next year!

Ski Challenge is ON !!

The Lake Louise Track Setters lent us a sled today–even delivered it–Thank you so much.!!!  Joe was able to groom out all the Kicking Horse and Tally Ho with beautiful wide corduroy!  Tomorrow he will groom out the Connector and Emerald Lake while Bruce and I go retrieve our own sled in Golden–so he can then put a beautiful track on the groomed trails and have it ready for Saturday’s Ski Challenge. The wiring on the Parks sled did not match up to our track setting hydraulics but it did work to do the corduroy!  Thank goodness for such good neighbours –Parks Canada and the Lake Louise winter Trail Crew. Come out for the Challenge–the trails will be wonderful. Ski ya later eh?

Info on The Ski Challenge is just below this Post….

Come Ski this Saturday Feb 17th!!!

The Nordic Yoho Challenge is on!

Come and join us for a social ski on some of the best Classic Nordic trails Yoho has to offer.

February 17th, 2018. Meeting point is the Visitor Centre in Field. Time is 10:00am
Option #1 (22kms): Classic ski to Emerald Lake and back to Field.
Option#2 (30kms): Classic ski to Emerald Lake and around the alluvial fan and back to Field.
Option#3 (45kms): Classic ski to Emerald Lake, around the alluvial fan and along the KH river and back to Field.

Feed station #1 with hot beverage and treats at Emerald Lake from 11:00-13:00pm (11or 19 kms in).
Feed station #2 at the Natural Bridge with hot beverage and treats from 13:00-15:00pm (18 or 28kms in)

This is a free event for all Kicking Horse Ski Club Members.

A $20 donation will be collected at the visitor centre for non-members.

All profits will go to our Nordic ski club for the grooming in Yoho National Park.

$40 KHSC club memberships will also be available in the morning before heading out, please visit our club website for more details at: http://www.khsc.ca

Please let me know if you plan on attending at jstichelbout@gmail.com, so we can provide you with plenty of treats…, thank you!!

We hope to see you there, thank you for sharing this information around.

– Jessica and Susan

Poster: Yoho Nordic Challenge!

Tons of snow–and our sled broke down!!

We’ve been getting it by the buckets full and Yoho Blows !!!  I haven’t seen snow banks that big at the store ever!!!!!  Joe was out today trying to pack it down and set a trail-  he got up the Connector with cutting down 5-6  trees and started packing Emerald–which went pretty good–but then he was track setting and the clutch went up by the creek on the Fan!!!! He manage to get back(barely) to the Store–and we were closed!!. Our Golden fix it shop is closed on Sunday/Monday– so it will be a bit to get it running again!  At least there is a partial track and machine packed trails everywhere except Yoho Valley Road!!  Enjoy the deep snow on the side of the trails– eh!!   Ski ya later…..MT

Family weekend

We’ve been away & missed a huge YOHO BLOW!!!!

we got lots of snow and wind as you will see  & now we are getting back at it. Joe just machine packed & cut trees on the TallyHo and K H trail.  Tomorrow—Sat.—he plans to track set both and then head to Emerald  to begin on it!   Blue skies, snow— can’t complain!!!  Enjoy!

Skee ya later eh….