Track Setters Pick !

Joe says–The Tally Ho trail from Field to Nat. Bridge is the best it will ever get– right now! Go ski it. He also refreshed trails at Emerald today–I had a few minutes to ski to the back on the Tree Hugger and it was like butter! What beautiful snow we are finally getting. Some slush on the lake–beware.
He plans to do the Kicking Horse fire road tomorrow and MAYBE put a track on the Connector????? How lovely!

Night time ski !!

We’re on a warming trend–get out there to ski.
Saturday Jan 14th at 8 pm at the Natural Bridge–you can join our coach Jessica for a night time ski.
Joe has been refreshing the trails at Emerald and here in the valley.
The Connector and Monarch still need more snow–Joe and Hans did run over the Connector a few times but it’s still pretty rough.
Thanks to Helen/Chris Read for bringing cookies for the track setters…! Cheers

Back in the track business again

Joe got all of these Emerald trail track set today…
Horse trail
Alluvial fan
And one run to the back–on the ice–but there is major slush!
He packed the Tree Hugger Trail just once–usable but no track yet.
The he set track on the Kicking Horse and Tally Ho to Field!
Tomorrow he plans to track set Takkakaw to the switchbacks.
The Connector and Monarch still have many deadfall trees to cut, and packing before we set track. Another big snowfall would be ideal for those 2 trails….but at least we have nice trails now! go ski them! And make your room booking for Emerald Lake Lodge!

Our sled is OUT of the shop!

Just picked up our repaired sled yesterday! Joe is gonna track set today–starting with Emerald Lake trails. We are sorry the tracks were so bad over New Years but at least there was a base and the temperatures kept most skiers at bay.
I’ll keep you all posted. You should know that the slush on the lake is increasing so be careful out there.

Oups—Sled troubles

We are getting tons of snow! It’s wonderful–except that the sled broke down today on the Kicking Horse Fire Road. Our guys and Parks Candada Guys from Lake Louise–along with some locals–are trying to get it to Golden and fixed to handle this beautiful dump of snow.
Go figure heh? Just come on out and ski–we got the snow! Bring your woodies!
More news when we get some!!! Cheers and have a happy new year!