Fresh track

Joe just finished the Kicking Horse –though it still is snowing pretty good……he hopes to do from Field and all around — Emerald first thing– tomorrow??  He will also pack the cemetery road for the Yoho Blow Anything Goes–Down hill fun race! Enjoy the weekend!

Mark your calendar for a weekend of Nordic skiing!!!

Dear members,

We will be organizing our last moon light ski for the season on Feb.15th at 8:00 pm (location is to be determined closer to the day), everyone is welcome!

And because it was such a popular event, we will also will organize the Yoho Challenge on Feb.17th, this event is a social ski and fundraiser for the club and everyone is welcome (details to follow).

Let me know if you have any questions and until then, skee you later 🙂 Jessica

Thank you!

Thank you to our 6 members who made it to our moon light ski. Not a perfectly clear night but enough light to see and glide on the beautiful tracks at Emerald Lake and enjoy some hot beverage by the 9 o’clock bridge under the warm moon light. We will keep you posted for the next activities… Until then, please ski the tali-ho/connector/ kicking horse trails, they are magnificent!! Jessica 🙂